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Christie and Scott – St. Bonaventure Church /Waterfront Hilton – August 2009

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

PRETTY IN PINK. I met Christie and Scott at Christina’s and Drew’s wedding last September. They were beginning to plan their August 2009 wedding and were looking for a coordinator. The couple had booked Sts Simon and Jude Church in Huntington Beach for their ceremony and the Waterfront Hilton for the reception site. The church was being totally remodeled from the ground up, and was to be completed by June of 2009. The couple had been assured this was not going to be a problem – plenty of buffer time for their August wedding! Around May, I was talking with the church’s coordinator. She said that I should tell Christie that they would be putting the flaps up on the tent for all summer wedding ceremonies to get air flow. FLAPS? TENT? What about the CHURCH? Well, since construction was taking longer than expected, city permits, occupancy inspections were required, etc, etc, it didn’t look like it would be done by August. To say that Christie was less than thrilled to hear this news from me would be putting it mildly. (Scott and I started referring to the tent as the “T” word to avoid any extra anxiety.) Luckily, the invitations had not yet been printed, so the next day I was on the phone looking for another church. After calls to several local churches, I found St. Bonaventure was available that day. My family being long-time members of this parish was an extra bonus for me. Things moved along much more smoothly after this glitch. I soon found out about Christie’s passion for the color PINK! I began to email her any pink wedding theme items that caught my eye. Her bridesmaids wore beautiful, long fuschia colored gowns, while the guys sported black tuxes with fuschia ties. Christie’s gown was trimmed in fuschia. The delicious cake was even decorated with fuschia ribbon and strings of bling. Make Up Artist/Hair Stylist Denise Empey glammed up the girls to look gorgeous for the big day. Kendra Duerst got all the shots of an action-filled night. Robert Poff of Station Identification kept the guest moving with rocking music and a pretty hysterical guest-involved musical chair/scavenger hunt. The surprise of the night, though, was Christie’s Michael Jackson dance. She secretly changed into a Michael Jackson costume and, with her back up dancers (Scott, Maid of Honor, Julie, and Best Man, Steven), entertained the crowd to several MJ numbers, included ‘PYT’ and ‘Beat It.’ As always happens at weddings, the evening went very quickly, but what a memorable one it was!